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Joo Park-Kwon


Joo was born in South Korea, and came to America to finish her education in Master’s degree in Nursing.  After graduating, she worked in various occupations in medical fields. She resigned as a school nurse in Special Education after devoting 20 years of service.

She then moved to Korea in 2010. It had been over 30 years living in America and returning back to South Korea, where she found herself fascinated with her old culture.  It was at this time her passion for art was awakened, especially in old Korean fine art. As always being an art lover and amateur artist, her passion and enthusiasm to expand her art led her to complete a Master’s degree in Korean Fine Art in 2021.
Joo's interest in the human mind and psychology led her to East Asian and Buddhism philosophy. Her art work explores harmony and disharmony in people, in society, and the environment. In East Asian philosophy, the world is viewed as one realm where Yin and Yang energies are kept in balance with free flow. When this balance is broken, the person or the world becomes ill formed.
Since she moved back to America in 2021, she was deeply moved with the beauty of nature, projecting a balanced harmonious world.  She sees nature's harmony as a result of continuous interactions of environmental elements from the birth of earth to the present, and it will continue. She likes to express the harmonious beauty of nature with Korean pigments painting technique on mulberry paper and silk.  Her East oriented art and thoughts are implied on West nature.

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