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World of Connections

The series of ‘World of Connections’ are the stories of our relationships with other people and the world we live.  The series were done during my time in Korea, away from my children living in America.  I missed and felt sorry for not being able to connect with them physically and emotionally often.  This was the time I seriously thought about relationships we make in our earthly life.  However the relationship turns out, our lives are affected by people around us.  These relationships are mutual and interconnected like spider webs.  In Hindu cosmology, the world is explained as ‘Indra’s Net’ which is infinitely stretched out over the Vedic deva Indra’s palace.  A multifaceted jewel is hung over each vertex of the net.  Each jewel is shined through reflections of all other jewels.  These jewels cannot shine unless each reflects off the others.  I think this is the most well explained story about relationships; it is mutual and interconnected.

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